Deadly coronavirus! Is it time to dig the bins?

Hi Bro, what’s it like?

Do not cough, do not sleep? We hope everything is fine with you and you do not panic amid mass hysteria about the coronavirus from China.

Today we want to discuss this burning topic with you and find out how bad everything is. Will a zombie apocalypse wait for us or so, again false alarm?

How did it all start?
In short, you already heard in the news that the coronavirus has recently been raging in China. It all started in the city of Wuhan, where people began to become ill in the fish market en masse. Well, official sources say so. People got pneumonia, fainted, and very quickly met their Chinese gods. In general, rather quickly, narrow-eyed scientists realized that something was wrong here and this pneumonia was no accident. After some analysis there, it turned out that the reason for everything was the new coronavirus 2019-nCoV. And immediately the media blew through all the channels that before that mankind had no contact with such a problem. Well, this is their job so-and-so. And history has its own truth.

It happened before!

To begin with, let's find out what coronavirus is, Bro.
In short, this is such a kind of malicious immune system violators that cause acute respiratory infections. And he got his name because he looks like a crown. Although xs, how much we did not look at the picture, the similarities are 0.

And if you think that he, such a bastard got out in 2019, then you are forced to disappoint. Coronaviruses have been known since 1965. Yes, they mainly affect animals, such as your cat Murzik or the dog Barboskin, well, or there is a cow in the village, but sometimes, human beings do not hesitate to try.
Which, in fact, happened earlier in different years. Actually, the coronavirus is credited with such achievements as:
SARS-CoV virus, the causative agent of SARS, the first case of the disease that was registered in 2002 (8437 fell ill, 813 people died);

MERS-CoV virus, the causative agent of the Middle East respiratory syndrome, the outbreak of which occurred in 2012 and repeated in Korea in 2015 (1236 became ill, 464 people died;

the 2019-nCoV virus, responsible for the outbreak of new type of pneumonia in 2019-2020 (as of today, 7711 have become ill, 170 people have died).

As you can see, Bro, today the number of infected people is higher or closer to the indicators of past years, but the number of victims is significantly lower. We are not virologists, of course, but common sense shows that either immunity in humans has become stronger and more effective in fighting this infection, or the virus itself is weaker. Well, let’s leave it to the scientists. They will definitely figure it out and calculate everything.

Where did this infection come from?
Well, Bro, if you carefully read our article, you already realized that the main carrier and food for this virus is mammals. Actually, it was initially believed that small traders at a market in Wuhan picked up a coronavirus from some fish. But, now there is an alternative version, according to which, the virus was transmitted to humans from either snakes or bats, as a result of a mutation with an unknown coronovirus.

In short, maybe a snake gnawed a bat, and then a human. Or a bat has bitten a snake, and that one was eaten by a man .... In general, scientists themselves dick know what and how. Symptoms of coronavirus infection.

Coronavirus nifig symptoms can not be distinguished from a common cold. In short, if you feel unwell, coughing, fever, headache, and everything else that happens with acute respiratory viral infections - it could be a coronavirus. But where do you get it then?
Despite the fact that the media is again trumpeting the spread of coronavirus to other countries, they are far from an epidemic. Well, in general, if you panic, bypass the Chinese side, strengthen local immunity, wash my hands with soap and don’t communicate with all kinds of cows)))) In fact, that’s all.

There, especially smart people call not to order parcels from China through Aliexpress. But, Bro, you know how long the package is coming from China. Given that the survivability of a coronavirus outside a living organism is up to 48 hours, it will die there 50 times, or even more. In general, if you track a parcel from China, you will see that even after it leaves the heavens, where contact with the pathogen is possible, it will take as much time before you receive a notification of delivery of the goods.

Так что – не очкуй, Bro! While boiling it’s not worth breeding.
The only thing that can harm the coronavirus today is to steal your hard-earned money. No, you heard right. Coronavirus deprives people of money. True, not quite smart people, well, very scared.

You know, Bro, where there is fear, they appear there - workers of a knife and an ax, romance from the high road. Spears simply put.

Already the whole Internet is teeming with announcements of mego innovative and effective medicines against coronavirus. They offer to buy a medicine for coronavirus, a vaccine for coronavirus, and our most favorite - a protective mask against coronavirus. In short, it turns out that scientists all over the world know him how to defend themselves against coronavirus, and deals on Avito and other sites are right there in the know.

Remember, Bro, there are no medicines or methods of protection against coronavirus today. Well, maybe just walk like this:

So, Bro, my hands with soap, bypass all animals and don’t cough. And most importantly - do not be l @ hom and do not get fooled to breed in the internet. Take care bablishechko and nerves.
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