How much do you think Bitcoin can cost?

Bitcoin is already at 8800 bucks, have you heard???
What do you think, how soon will we reach $ 10,000?

In the meantime, couch experts make their forecasts where the price of the cue ball will go and how much money can be cut on this, smart of this world already counted everything!

How can Bitcoin cost? Infa there is very interesting, but stretched to indecent, and even saturated with boring words .... oh, politically unsuitable to say so, let's say "technical terms."
Well, we don’t want to burn your brain, which is already loaded with work, calculation of profit and the situation in the country. And so we have adapted everything for you and briefly tell you interesting facts.

Let's start with the Bitka price forecast up to 2028
In short, there is such an analyst Timothy Peterson. Where he works is not the table, it’s important (well, if it’s interesting, then in "Cane Island", I’ve already googled what it is). But what’s important is that only he among the thousands of wise men was able to accurately (as much as possible) predict the price of bitcoin at the end of 2019.
So, this “Nostradamus of our time” noticed one interesting thing: if the Rothschilds, Masons, Trumps, etc. do not manipulate the price of bitcoin, then it obeys a strict pattern. Based on this, he compiled his own graph of the growth of the price of digital gold. Actually, you can see it a little lower.

As you can see, Bro, everything is clearly indicated on this graph. You can even see the places where the manipulators enter the battle.
According to Mr. Peterson, even a price of $ 1 million apiece is not the limit for Bitka!

According to the forecast, every US dollar invested in Bitcoin today in December 2028 will turn into 145 bucks. Not sickly, agree. So, Bro, think about this info ... maybe you shouldn’t merge your cue ball?)

Well, the second point, purely so, to satisfy your curiosity.
Have you thought, our dear friend, how much Bitcoin can cost? And if you did not ask yourself such a thought, then Mr. Hal Finney was very interested in this and was not even too lazy to carry out his calculations.

He became confused and found out that all-all the world wealth (money, gold, houses, factories, serfs, etc.) can be estimated in the range from 100 trillion. up to 300 trillion dollars. Divide this figure by the maximum possible number of Bitcoins mined (21 million) and get a price of -
10 million dollars for one Bitcoin!!!

Well, Bro, then lift your jaw off the floor)

His infa is just a thought experiment, provided that Bitok becomes the dominant payment system in the world. Although, it is not a fact that this will not happen.

That's all, we leave you alone with your dreams.
Dreaming is not bad, Bro. Dreams make you act. Who knows, maybe we will soon read about you in the newspapers, as one of the billionaires that threw a ball into Bitcoin on time.
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