The best hyip projects of 2018

Good day! On the eve of the new 2019 year, it would be nice to remember all the top HYIP projects of 2018 and say thanks to the administrators of these projects for an excellent profit. Almost every day there is a new investment HYIP project, but most of them do not give even one investment circle, not to mention a good profit. But sometimes with the proper marketing, the correct purchase of advertising and the desire of the administration to work can reach heights in the field of HYIP investment. Yes, many of these projects have introduced the main work in the sleeper mode, without aggressive advertising and without large percentages; we can say worked in the shadows. The design of these projects is usually simple, but after dressing up, they begin to work actively, with high interest rates and buy large advertising from serious monitors and blogs. Some of the presented projects have been working for more than a year or are still working. Among these projects you can find “real companies”. For profit, we took into account only the minimum percentage on the optimal tariff plan, which could be obtained during the work of these projects ( without referral fees and bonuses). Well, let's get down to business, list the top 6 HYIP projects that blew up the world of HYIP projects in the outgoing 2018 year.

Investment project, which was launched on 19th of January 2017. Probably all HYIP investors of Runet at least once heard about this project or even participated in it. According to legend, this is a place of Association of borrowers and creditors, that is, investors of this site. This project was organized qualitatively and had a good advertising promotion from the start, which provided the project with a long work. Cashbery during his work gave 630 days of payments and more than 500% profit.
Investment project, the launch of which was on 31th of December 2016. Currently, the administration is very famous due to this project. According to legend, the hyip project is engaged in trading on the Forex market and investing in various funds and activities. Simple marketing with an affordable minimum threshold for entry, has earned the attention of many investors. The smooth development provided a long job. The project worked 580 days of stable operation and gave a profit of 1218%.
hyip the project started on 15th of November 2017 and running until now. At the helm of an experienced admin, so the project needs to work on the five plus. The same classic tariff plan as the second project in this list provides a decent job. Came out of the shadows too late, but nevertheless gives a profit, for which many thanks to the administration of the project. The project pays smoothly for 407 days, you can earn 854%.
A project with a five-year sleeper warfare was launched in 2013. Unusual sleeper which works in a quiet mode and regularly pays more than five years. It is evident that the administration of the project is waiting for its moment, it should meet expectations and be something grand. A moderate interest rate does not cause much damage to the project's cash register. As mentioned above, HYIP pays since 2013 and continues to develop.
A dynamic investment project from an experienced foreign administration started on July 15, 2017. Despite the long work, the administrator is preparing to surprise everyone in the New Year. But we can safely say that the project works great. The only drawback at this time-the site is not translated into Russian, you have to use a translator. The project has been working for 530 days and pays consistently.
A powerful investment project started on March 15, 2018. At first glance, the project seems difficult to understand, but in general, the idea of the project is to create a payment system Cryptolux (CLX) based on Blockchain and with a plan to hold its ICO. The project has its own full Whitepaper and cryptocurrency CLX. The project pleases its investors for 288 days and it was possible to earn a large sum.
We have completed the collection of the list of top HYIP projects in 2018. We sincerely hope that you were able to participate in them all or at least one to earn gifts for their families for the New Year. If not, then do not despair ahead of us waiting for a new fruitful year. HYIP project monitoring Exclusive-profit.com congratulations to you and all your family on the coming New Year 2019, we wish you a good holiday with your family.
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