Overview project "Broker Friends"
    Good day, today we will consider a project that joined the monitoring this week on April 17, 2019. The program is called BROKER FRIENDS, the start was April 17, 2019. BROKER FRIENDS added Premium Listing and reinvested $ 200, we will keep you updated on the status of payments.!
    Broker Friends is positioning itself as a team of qualified professionals with significant experience in analyzing and managing customer funds on international cryptocurrency exchanges. They track all current changes in the market and apply their own unique strategies that allow them to conduct the most effective activity. Thanks to carefully thought-out actions, the company quickly gained trust and high popularity. A large number of investors already receive income on their platform. And they are convinced that this is only the beginning of a long journey!
    (1 Level 5% | 2 Level 3% | 3 Level 2%)
    To obtain the status of "Representative" the total amount of investment of your structure should be $ 5000
    Please note that our monitoring returns 10% of the amount of your deposit, which makes it faster to go to breakeven
    BROKER FRIENDS - offers us four investment plans with payment systems PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin
    All payments are made in manual mode. 24 hours
    1st PLAN:
    Investment amount: from $ 10 to $ 200 for 50 days
    Accruals: Daily
    Conclusion: Daily
    Deposit body included in charges
    Income: 2.5% в день.
    2nd PLAN:
    Investment amount: from $ 201 to $ 500 for 50 days
    Accruals: Daily
    Conclusion: Daily
    Deposit body included in charges
    Income:3% per day.
    3rd PLAN:
    Investment amount: from $ 501 to $ 1000 for 30 days
    Accruals: Daily
    Conclusion: Daily
    Deposit body included in charges
    Income:5.5% per day.
    4th PLAN:
    Investment amount: from $ 1001 to $ 10,000 for 15 days
    Accruals: after 15 days
    Вывод: After 15 days
    Site design is simple, but pleasant. The administrators chose the layout of the site, which in our opinion is not bad, because it is easy to view and find everything that we need. Moreover, a good selection of colors, which gives the feeling of a business site. Keep in mind that our personal preferences regarding the site have nothing to do with the effectiveness of the project. Panels in terms of ease of use navigation - it is easy to invest in them and request withdrawals. If you have questions about opening an account, investing, withdrawing funds and the company itself, you can find it on the “FAQ” page, if you haven't found the answer to your question, there are administration contacts on the site, chat telegrams and links to official social groups. Facebook and VKontakte networks. Want to keep abreast of the news of the project, you have the opportunity to go to the news tab and see the latest events. Also in the reviews tab, you can leave a comment or confirm that the project pays.
    Currently, the project is quite fresh with a smooth development and according to the administration is aimed at long work. When opening a deposit, invest available funds! Remember about our bonus up to 17% of the amount of your deposit! All successful investments and endless profit!


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