Overview project "BotTrade"
    Hi bro!
    Well, again you have to set aside the olives, as we have a new projection on the monitor. So, come on, don’t be lazy and turn on.
    Today a project called BotTrade has been added to us. Just for you, Bro, we’ll give a small insider: we’ve already worked with this admin and then he showed good results.
    Well, let’s not share the skin of an unkilled bear, but return directly to the project.
    The starting go-ahead for BotTrade was given on December 26, 2019, and from that moment the project began to be deployed on various monitors. By the way, the admin leads smoothly, on average, it takes 2 - 3 monitors per day. Something knows, probably)
    About legend!
    The site was made simply, translated into different language options, well, and in terms of technique, so it is also more or less decent.
    According to legend, everything is simple. As you can guess from the name, something here is related to bots and trading)) If more specifically, BotTrade positions itself as a unique platform with the ability to automatically trade cryptocurrency using bots.
    The robot does not know mistakes, the robot does not need a dream and it does not get tired at all)) Well, somehow we are presented with the advantages of working with BotTrade. And we, of course, sincerely believe in this.
    Project marketing
    Well, that's all the lyrics, bro! You are then interested in the financial side, I suppose, is already impatient to find out how much grandma can be taken away) So, let's get to the point.
    The basic rate of return per day here is 1%. But, there are a couple of troubles that can raise this figure:
    First way - level system. The more dep, the higher your level and, as a result, the higher daily profit;
    The second option for increasing profit is the frequency of withdrawal of funds. The less often you withdraw your bablish, the higher the daily percentage. Every 24 hours without withdrawal, the base rate will drop at 0.08%. Well, of course, that as soon as you order a payment, this sweet bonus will be reset to zero and the counter will start spinning from scratch!
    If you want to calculate various options and work out your strategy, a calculator on the main page of the project will help you.
    Now, so that you yourself do not look, let's tell you about the main points of deposit / withdrawal of funds. You can invest and withdraw your money through Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Litecoin. Please note that the conclusion here is manual with the schedule up to 48 hours and the admin takes his modest commission in the amount of 3%. Well, well, he is also a man and wants to eat)
    The minimum amount that you can deposit is 0.001 Bitcoin, 0.1 Litecoin, 1000 Dogecoin and 1 USD.
    Oh, by the way, Bro! Now carefully! After you replenish the account in the project, do not forget to transfer Bablishko to the Trade balance. Otherwise, do not see you ringing coins)
    About referral program!
    Well, here, Bro, there is a nuance. Although it is 10% in the first level and 4% in the second, it is paid only to the trading account. That is, it is added to the depot, and you can’t withdraw it
      Well, yes, then you, in fact, if you are not a referral, and side on it. We will pay a refback immediately and such a sour one. Directly up to 31% of your deposit. What do you say, normal?
      Okay bro! Enough scribble! If you did not find something in our review, or if you didn’t understand, we suggest transferring these points to our chat. We’ll solve everything there).
      To get acquainted with the technical part, check the uniqueness of the design, content, the number of deposits and payments is available at hyiplogs.
      You can find out the status of the project and the highest refback among monitoring and blogs at Investorstartpage.
      Good luck, investor!


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