Overview project "ExCrypto Trade"
    Aloha, bro!

    Exclusive Profit is with you again, which means it's time to learn something new and useful for yourself. Well, since our area of work with you is making money on the Internet, then the conversation will go just in that direction.

    You may already have noticed that a new project has appeared on our portal, and even in the VIP section. Well, how can I miss the opportunity to discuss a novice and sort out the bones to the admin. So come on, join in!

    About legend

    And the ExCrypto Trade project, which began its journey in the HYIP industry on January 17, looked at us at a glance. Just a baby, essentially. Although, according to the administrator, the path of this company began back in 2012.

    So, as the administrator of ExCrypto Trade says, then they understood all the prospects for the world of cryptocurrencies and rushed to conquer this direction. Gaining experience and their own trading strategies, their composition was replenished by experienced experts, and the treasury began to fill up, so much so that now they are ready to share it with all their investors. Oh, good soul at the admin, we can’t say anything here))).

    Well, let’s leave this burst of altruism to the admin, and we will go directly to the ExCrypto Trade website. Analyzing the data from the ISP portal, we can say that the project is prepared well: here you have unique script and design, and hosting is not bad, and SSL admin has not installed the cheapest one. Yes, we’ll agree, right now you don’t feel any euphoria from the site, but otherwise, in general, all tip-top. Even a certificate of registration of the company is available.

    About marketing

    So, Bro, we move on to the main part of our review - money, which could potentially give us ExCrypto Trade.

    In total, you and I are offered five tariff plans to choose from: three with daily profits and two tariffs with payments at the end of the term. Well, according to the last one, Bro, frankly, it makes no sense to speak. We think this is not the best choice.

    But in those where a penny drips every day, you can play.

    Despite the fact that we are offered the maximum of 2% per day for 60 days, we recommend that you stop your gaze at lower rates. There, the minimum wage is more or less, and the terms are more interesting, and in terms of profitability they are not much lower. We are talking about 1.5% per day for 30 days and 1.7% for 45. In the first case, the minimum is only 25$, and in the second from $ 501. Well, the depot, as you understand, will be returned to you at the end of the term. So, think, weigh, decide !!!

    Well, if you still decided to deposit, then know that ExCrypto Trade accepts Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Dogecoin. Also, the admin promises to pay manualy, but no longer than 48 hours. Looks like planning a lot of applications for payment.

    And what about refback

    Now, Bro, let's talk about what kind of bonus you can count on when investing in ExCrypto Trade. The project itself gives a three-level referral with a reward of 7% for the first level, 2% for the second and 1% for the third level.

    But we wouldn’t be us if we hadn’t outdid the admin and all other monitors. So, catch a refback from us in the amount of up to 16% of the deposit. What do you say, normal?

    Well, that’s Bro, everything is about ExCrypto Trade. Oh yes, if you have questions about the work of this project, you can ask them directly to the administrator via mail or the ticket system, or to us.

    Our contacts know exactly where to find. We will answer, tell, tell you.

    And remember, Exclusive Profit - is your profit territory.

    Till the next time, investor!

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