Overview project "MVG Token" (SCAM)
    Hello boys and girls.

    Well, again we are with you and again we have new fund in VIP Listing. So let's sit back, we will talk on how to improve our well-being through online investment.

    Ready, all things postponed? Well, then let's go.

    What is MVG Optimus?

    We will talk today about the MVG Optimus project. Those who have been in the HYIP industry for quite some time, the project site will immediately seem very familiar and here you will not be mistaken. MVG Optimus is a continuation of the Maxvest project, which appeared in January last year. One could assume different options, but in MVG Optimus the admin does not seem to hide the fact that before that he had Maxvest. And then it’s worth hiding, if everyone would have quickly understood everything.

    How this will affect the reputation of MVG Optimus, in fact, depends on what experience each individual investor had with the previous project of this admin. So from memory, he gave then a profit.

    About legend and site.

    In general, here the admin texts were wise. So it’s not immediately clear what kind of project this is, and what it does. But, having spent time studying, we can conclude that MVG Optimus is a crowdfunding platform that attracts funds to develop its own MVG protocol, which, in essence, is a blockchain ecosystem. In short, something like that, Bro! From all this you should only make such a conclusion: they are doing something there, something important and useful, which makes a profit.

    The MVG Optimus website, the investor, is also a fruit. If initially everything seems incomprehensible and too complicated to you, just go through the registration process. This will give you access to advanced functions and everything will fall into place. Well and so, purely technically, an order. Unless the design and texts coincide with the previous project. Well, this is not surprising in view of the information voiced earlier.

    Now look what about marketing here.

    In total, MVG Optimus has three tariff plans: 102.4% - 109% after 3 - 9 days, 7.2% - 9.6% profit per day for 12 - 18 days, and 0.21% - 0.27% profit per hour for 21 - 23 days. Pleased with the minimum amount of deposits. For the first two plans, they are generally funny, about $15 in Bitcoin, and for the third tariff, about $ 300. But this is just for Bitcoin. For other cryptocurrencies, the amount in dollars is even less. For example, deposits in Ethereum generally start at $2. In general, there, in the office, after registration, you yourself will see everything.

    By the way, yes, MVG Optimus works with Perfect Money and almost all cryptocurrencies, so listing all of them makes no sense. Now, when you choose what to create a contribution for, you will analyze everything yourself and make a decision in which currency and in what tariff it will be more profitable for you to enter. And yet, the payments here are automatic - in general beauty!

    But there is a small amendment from the administrator, which must be taken into account, Bro. It is called a beautiful word - tokenization. The bottom line is this: while investors demonstrate their interest in investing, profit is accrued in the currency in which the deposit was ... but as soon as payments make up 42% of the total deposits, all charges will go in MVG tokens. These coins, Bro, you can withdraw to your Ethereum wallet and then either hold up and wait until the price rises, or sell it on Crex24 exchange.

    Okay, Bro, we feel your brain begin to boil. Come on, we’ll quickly say about refback and that’s all.

    Look, MVG Optimus is ready to pay leaders 3% of each partner’s deposit, though in MVG coins.

    To less? We also think so of our partners, that is, you, Bro, will fill up more - up to 12%. We hope you are satisfied? And not in the project tokens, but immediately in dollars, well, or cryptocurrency, of your choice.

    That's all, you can rest, investor. Let's think over everything that you heard and, if anything, write to us in the chat what you think about MVG Optimus. We are waiting!

    Well, as always - Exclusive Profit - your profit territory!

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