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    So its spring ... already, consider that the first month has passed, and many have not felt the full charm of the weather. Quarantine is almost everywhere. The vile coronavirus has spoiled our lives a little. Well, do not despair. Everything that comes and goes, and only our news is eternal! After all, while you are here, investor, they will come out regularly.

    Take a break from the prices of toilet paper and oil and let's talk about HYIPs.

    О новинках.

    Despite the unfavorable picture in the world (coronavirus, falling oil prices, etc.), the HYIP industry is slowly moving. We see the activation of admins both on our monitor and on other resources, and this pleases, oh, how pleasing is the guys. Speaking specifically about your favorite Exclusive Profit, then this week we got:

    FNS Company is a good project from the Russian admin, which has already given profit to early investors. It offers 4 tariffs with a period of 30 days and a profit of 4% to 6% per day. Well, the most realistic is to play at 4% and 4.5%. Amounts are acceptable there.

    Ventra Chain is a cryptocurrency hourly (although there is an additional opportunity to invest through Payeer) with a profit of 0.3% or 0.41% per hour. This is 7.2% per day - 9.84%. It has been working since 03/23, so there’s still time. But remember the risks, Bro.

    Azmorels is a project that will double your bitcoins in 200 hours and will automatically send it to your wallet. The minimum deposit amount starts from 0.001 BTC, so everyone can play here. Previously, such projects worked just fine.

    Yoda-X - the new Prizm on the horizon, investor! Here you can’t describe briefly, there is too much information, so read our review, watch the video analysis of the project, and they talked about it on the stream. Are you going to our streams?) Come, come, if anything, we are talking about important things there.

    NCC Enterprises - apparently, wants to repeat the feat of the legend - CityBuldTrade, since the plans and the referral program coincide. We have 102% in 7 days.

    DogeMiners LTD - provides up to 9% per day indefinitely! But, really, you can’t jump above 6%. Very much the minimum amounts in other tariffs are high.

    Lagooncapital - added right before the news release, so - just fresh! An hourly with income from 1.35% to 6% in 60 minutes. Well, going to the last plan is more expensive for yourself, but you can play the rest!

    So, for the first time, that's all, guys! A lot has come over these days, and you will certainly be able to choose from where to deposit your money. Well, you do not forget about the others! Especially about those under our insurance. If you forgot, then these are: Ventra Chain, Gameplex Group, Hex Land, Vitrade and Limpid Capital. The risks are minimal in them, because we will insure, Bro!

    About SCAMs!

    Here, guys, everything is pretty good! No, let's not say that they are not at all! There are, but only three projects. At the same time, two of them worked for a solid five, so that most have a gorgeous profit.

    Forex Brokers - the project worked for 4 months, showing excellent results. Our partners were able to get from it up to 100% of net profit!

    Roboton - the same clear work as the previous one. For four months of work, investors could take 60%, 80% and even 150% of net profit from the project. The minimum deposit amounts there were small, so - admin did a great job!

    Bitcharisma - in fact, it went a small circle and made a profit of 105%, with our refback it reached 26%, but, nevertheless, this is not the result!

    Okay, guys! We hope we brightened your days a little during quarantine, and you have extracted something new and useful for yourself from our news! By the way, so you do not get bored, we decided to hold an extraordinary stream called "You have no power here!" It will take place on Wednesday, April 1 on our YouTube channel. Come, as always, will be fun!

    Excluive Profit - YOUR profit territory!


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