Overview project Megrix
    Hi guys!

    We have a new project in the VIP section, which means it's time, dear you, to wash its bones! So, let us quickly express our opinion in this, and you write your own in the comments. You people are literate, so we are sure there will be something for us to read!

    So let’s go!

    And today we have a project called Megrix on our agenda.

    No matter how hard we tried, we failed to connect its name with the site's theme. Why there are trees here is completely incomprehensible. Initially, we decided that the answer lies in the legend, that something here is connected with logging or with "green" energy. But no, everything is ordinary. Even a little blurry. They say that they are engaged in investing in the purchase of shares of other companies, which are profitable. Here's something like this. Well, okay, that's not why we came here to believe in legends. Let's go further.

    Let's go over the site a little.

    As we said, except that the design is not associated with the legend, there are no special comments! To say that he is bad, the language will not turn, I do not want to praise too much either. Average, in general, although the technique is not bad: the design is unique, and the script is licensed, and SSL is not the cheapest. So, the site deserves a four easily.

    Now look what is included in earnings here.

    To be honest, there is a place for an investor's soul to roam. There are also hourly plans, and with the accrual of profit every day and even with payment at the end of the period, there are a couple. It is also pleasantly pleasing that for each of the tariffs the minimum deposit amount is only $10!

    Look, in the hourly rate it is realistic to have 0.22% for 60 minutes for 600 hours, in the plans with a daily profit, it turns out either 8.5% for 15 days, or 1.5% for 7 days. Well, in afterplans, the payout is 114% in a week or 150% in 20 days. We told you about the tariffs, where the entrance is from 10 to 1000 dollars. If we go further, then the numbers there are much higher. But, is it worth it? Think hard about this.

    What else is worth knowing.

    For deposits and payments in Megrix, you can use Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and the young ePayCore payment system. Money will fly instantly, which gives the admin a well-deserved plus in karma.

    Affiliate program and our refback.

    And, of course, Megrix has a sweet bonus for those who want to play with referrals and invite new partners to the project. The admin is ready to pay 3% of the deposit of each partner for this.

    And we, for our part, are ready to give more. And not only more admin, but more blogs and monitors! After all, we appreciate you guys and are ready to give the maximum. For Megrix, this maximum is expressed in refback up to 34% of your deposit!

    Earn with us! Exclusive Profit - YOUR territory of profit!

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