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    Hello investor!

    Congratulations on the start of a new hot season in the HYIP industry. Schoolchildren admins have gone behind their desks today, and it's time for the real sharks of this business. We are sure that the coming months will be hotter than summer. At least in our work.

    And we will briefly summarize the results of the past days.

    At the very beginning, it should be said that we got through the summer of 2020 quite easily.

    You can even say that it is not bad. Yes, there were SCAMs, but we also attracted giants. Yes, those that have shown or still show excellent work. Take the same "grandfather" from ComexTrades or Gameplex Group, Antares, ExBonds and others. What are we telling you, you yourself know perfectly well how much money they brought! But it seems to us that this is not the limit, since soon new TOP projects will come to those that exist and we will become even richer! God grant (our,investment God).

    Stay in the past!

    The summer season was left behind, and along with it there were projects that could not survive this hot season. Apparently, the remnants of the sun's heat completely discouraged the administrators from working, and they “turned down the shop”. We're talking about projects from NCC Enterprises, Doxera Group and USA Builders. Although, to be honest, each of them worked quite well! Well, maybe USA Builders is mediocre. And so, administrators, if not handsome, then great for sure.

    Came at the end of summer.

    Of course, there were some newcomers to our monitoring. All of them are interesting in their own way and especially pleased with the fact that the number of new projects in the VIP + Insurance section has sharply increased. You yourself understand that such projects are the first in line for your attention, since making money with them is the safest way. So over the last week we added:

    Naisos is a project with lifetime accruals from 10% to 20% per day. It is almost impossible to reach the last figure, but 10% per day has been paying steadily for 18 days, so, you yourself understand, the first investors are already in a solid profit.

    CoinJob is just the same VIP with insurance. Fresh project starting from 24.08. Promises to pay 4% per day with the possibility of withdrawing the body of the deposit at any time.

    Theinvestorsdomain - the long name of the project hides laconic marketing behind it. They are ready to pay you from 9% to 9.5% per day for 15 days. Please note that our indefinite insurance is also valid for deposits in this project.

    Zaibatsucoins - here the admin either does not understand how funny the name of his project sounds in Russian, or he deliberately chose it to please us. In any case, in Zaibatsucoins you can get from 103% after 1 day.

    HourlyMiner - hourly from the Premium section. As befits such projects, it pays a little, but every 60 minutes. In general, this HYIP is recommended for fans of such marketing.

    The investor is all that we wanted to tell you about.

    There will be a new week, there will be new projects, which means there will be new reasons for our meetings with you on the website and our YouTube channel.

    Exclusive Profit is YOUR territory of profit.

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