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    Well, hello to you again, our dear and adored partner!

    How are you there, what are you there? Do you earn? Hopefully so, as we are in the midst of the season right now. Time to increase your capital for work in 2021, well, enough for New Year gifts.

    For this we give you one more VIP project.

    In general, today we will talk about the Web Global investment fund, which was added to us on October 8. Well, what can we say ... as you can see, the project began its work on February 2, and today there were no problems in its work. All this, of course, is super, but you should not flatter yourself especially. With such a percentage, 250 days of work is not an achievement, but only a normal indicator. So, all interesting, in theory, is yet to come.

    Web Global legend says that we are facing a true monster of P2P lending. Moreover, with elements of its own ecosystem based on blockchain technologies. In general, the point is that they accumulate investors' money on their accounts, then lend it, and they live on interest, simultaneously paying profit to their partners. That is to us.

    In all other respects there is also order.

    We are talking about the site now. Initially, the design was template, but by the end of March, the Web Global portal acquired the features that we see now. Technically, we have a unique design, licensed script + reliable SSL with a beautiful greenbar! Well, you yourself know what it is!

    But, in fact, what allowed Web Global to work for so long - marketing.

    He is, as you might have guessed, low-income and because of this so stable. Everything in the project contains four tariff plans, in which, in principle, any investor can invest, since the minimum investment amounts allow it. The first group of plans allows you to receive 0.55% profit per day for 7 days and 0.65% for 21 days with a deposit of $ 10 or more.

    The second group of plans has weekly charges. They are 5.6% or 6.3% percent. The terms are 12 and 24 weeks, respectively, and the minimum entry bar is $250.

    Payments and withdrawals.

    You can deposit these same dollars and withdraw profits only through Pefect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. We would like to please you with an instant for payments, but the admin does not give. Still, manual payments are here and the time limit is up to 48 hours. So, we gain patience and wait.

    Okay, investor! We must finish, probably.

    In the end, this is what it turns out: the Web Global project has every chance of working long, happily and profitably. There is everything for this: both the history of work, and good reviews and stable marketing. So, hopefully, the admin will please us with money.

    And so that you have even more of this money - keep a bonus from us! As always, this is the maximum refback among all blogs and monitors, which reaches 36% of the contribution.

    We are, as always, the best! Invest with us and get more.

    As always, Exclusive Profit is YOUR territory of profit.

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