Distribution of MONEY!

Hello investor!

Actually, here it is - the event that everyone was waiting for!
We give out money!
And it's not just one or two bucks there,
but whole TWO mowing greens!

For those who did not understand –
это 2000 US dollars!

As it will be!
In general, what did we think, that's everyone who deploys with us, who are they? That's right, our dear friends, why not throw some nishtyachs to your friends? What do our friends like? And again, right - money. Therefore, we decided to do this: all the depots who will be made during the period from 28.10 to 10.11 will take part in the drawing.
The essence of the promotion is that we will refund the deposit to the lucky ones!
That is, you have deplored, received a refku (and it, as always, will be maximum), you won, and we returned your deposit! Well, you still have a reflex, of course! In short, in any case, you are already in the black! And if the stars come together, and the project works fine and also returns your contribution to you, then generally FIRE!

To avoid misunderstandings, read carefully the mechanics of the action:
• all deposits take part in any of the projects on the monitor from 00.00 to Moscow time on 28.10 to 23.59 to Moscow on 10.11;

• all refback orders for this period will be collected in a pivot table and numbered;

• 11.11 on our YouTube channel we will hold a drawing using a randomizer;

• For 50 lucky ones, we will refund their deposits! But keep in mind that our budget is limited to $ 2,000. And since the contributions can be different, then the action can be terminated ahead of schedule when the budget is exhausted. That is, if on the 30th participant we reach a payout of $ 2,000, then we will finish on that;

• in order to have more winners, we limited the maximum deposit return to 200 US dollars. Not all, the majors skim the cream, you also need to think about the common people! So, if the randomizer selects a deposit of 500 or 1000, then we will return no more than 200 to such a participant! Sorry, but that's okay too;
And that, and that's all in principle!

Oh yes, well, one more pleasant moment , of course you will sit and bite your elbows on our stream while the rally is going on! So, in order to cheer you up, we will spread a little babyshka there too.

Ну как чутка, we will distribute 200 to those who come to stream! So, sit in the chat and wait until happiness comes to you! And it will be for sure!

Because Exclusive Profit is YOUR territory of profit!

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