Overview project Bankoftron
    So hello, our dear investor!

    Exclusive Profit is with you again, which means that something interesting awaits you again. Well, it's clear that we are talking about a new project. Although, the project is not easy this time we have to consider. We are sure you have already heard about HYIPs on the Ethereum smart contract! And about the same thing, but on the Tron blockchain? How do you like Elon Musk?

    Intrigued? Then let's study.

    And so... at first there was a name, which, in principle, immediately speaks of the direction of the project! Bank Of Tron V2. We will not give you a short excursion on what Tron is and why it is better than Ethereum, but just for understanding, we will designate that it is a Chinese cryptocurrency with the ability to create smart contracts. Do you dare where this is going?

    In general, the Bank Of Tron V2 site is a visualization of a smart contract running on the Tron network. This very contract automatically distributes investments among all participants, excluding any intervention from the groans of the administrator. Well, plus you can always look at the balance of the contract, and only then make a decision on investment.

    It is also important to understand here that V2 in the name of the project means "the second version"! How much this predicts the future of the project, we do not undertake to judge, but we hope that the admin has worked on the errors.

    As we said, the site is just a shell!

    Therefore, serious requirements should not be presented to him. It is in other projects that the script is important for us so that it is free of holes, SSL is normal, etc. Here it is not necessary at all. Although, in fairness, let's say that the site came out normal. Even the design is unique, according to the ISP. So, in general, everything is fine here. There is little information about what it is and how it works, and some tips for investors so that they don't get lost on the way to the deposit.

    And here is what we have on deposits.

    There are four tariff plans in Bank Of Tron. It can be 4.7%, 5.7%, 6.7% and even 7.7% per day. With all this, the minimum deposit in all tariffs starts from 10 TRX coins, which is equivalent to about $ 0.27. So what's the difference, you ask? And she is in the terms of the deposit. In the second plan it is 36 days, in the third 31 and 32 in the last. And in first tariff, the deposit works infinitely long ... well, how infinitely, until the money on the contract runs out.

    As you understand, you can only invest in the project in Tron coins. And to work, you will need to install the extension to the browser. But this, do not frighten you, everything is simple there.

    What else can be useful to you?

    Well, let's go through the affiliate program ... Here we have three levels in depth and a reward structure of 5% - 2% - 0.5%. There is also infa that the invitee also receives 0.5% of the deposit. We do not yet know how this is implemented.

    But, we are aware that we have for you, as always, a mega gift!

    This is, as always, the biggest refback in the entire HYIP industry. We have checked everything, counted and are ready to announce our verdict!

    We are ready to return up to 27% of your deposit just for the fact that you are and invest with us!

    Remember, Exclusive Profit is YOUR territory of profit.

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