Overview project Orange Trade
    Hello investor!

    Do you remember that on the stream, where we gave out $ 2,000, it was promised immediately after its end to place a new VIP with insurance. We promised - we posted. But, since the reviews are not done right away, I had to take a short timeout to collect and prepare complete information for you.

    Now we are ready to tell you everything about Orange Trade Fund!

    So, Orange Trade started on November 7 and on the 11th, the turn came to you and me, since it was on the 11th that the project was added to our monitor. As you remember, this is a VIP with insurance, which means that everyone who invests with us receives additional protection against loss of funds in the event of SCAM. But we hope it won't be soon.

    According to legend, Orange Trade is a financial company with great ambitions that conquers the cryptocurrency market. Then there is information about how super innovative, advanced and generally good fellows they are, as they can earn mountains of money for their investors. Well, that is, for you and me. It is clear that the legend is just a legend, but the admin took care of the facts and backed up his words with the Orange Trade registration certificate in the UK. He's down there, in the basement of the site.

    By the way, there are no particular complaints about the site.

    It falls short of the TOP, but in its segment it is clearly not in the last place. There are a couple of unfinished elements, but this is such a trifle that we will not even pay attention to it. The technique is also all right. The script is licensed, the design is unique, SSL is available, well, and hosting with DDoS protection. This is all pleasantly pleasing.

    No less simple here in marketing.

    Look, it means that with a deposit of $ 15 or more, you will receive 3.5% of the daily profit on an indefinite basis. By the way, for every $ 35,000 that goes to the project's balance, the admin promises to increase the daily profit by 0.1%. Plays on greed. There are also two places on the main page, but there is still an inscription “coming soon”. Perhaps the tariff line will be expanded. Well, maybe not!

    With payment systems, everything is also simple.

    These are Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. Payeer has disappeared from the list for obvious reasons and, I think, in the future we will rarely see it among the list of payments in HYIPs. The admin made payments manually, and took an unknown period of time for this action, since we did not find any information in the FAQ section. But we learned that the minimum withdrawal amount in cryptocurrency is $14. Everyone should know this.

    Well, more especially, while you have nothing to say.

    The project is still fresh, we will observe, sniff and if we find out anything, we will immediately inform you.

    In the meantime, let's say that if you decide to invest in Orange Trade, you will get the most, since we have the best HYIP refback in the world! Orange Trade is ready to return you up to 29% of your deposit.

    Only because you are and invest with us.

    As always, Exclusive Profit is YOUR territory of profit!

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