Overview project Tron2Get
    Hi guys!

    Exclusive Profit is with you again, which means it's time for a great review of one of our newcomers. Yes, we do not lack modesty, but we have what we have. But seriously, today we'll talk about a new smart contract that came to the VIP section with insurance.

    You understand that this is a very sweet option, so let's not hesitate.

    For the hundredth time, we will not repeat what smart contracts are and why HYIPs on the Tron network have become prevalent recently. For those who do not know, read the tutorial articles on our website, everything is described in detail there.

    And we will focus on the history of Tron2Get. The fact is that, initially, he began his work on September 23. But, something went wrong and the work, as such, did not work out. He was not advertised anywhere and worked as if in a partisan regime. There were no forums, no serious blogs, none of this happened and it is not possible to trace the life of the project to this day. All that is clear today is that from 18.11 Tron2Get starts its work from scratch. We call it the laconic word "restart".

    What changed.

    Essentially nothing. Marketing and other terms remain the same. The site hasn't changed either. The admin probably decided that it makes no sense to change anything and left everything as it is. In some ways he is, of course, right. As a result, we have a more or less decent portal with a unique design and average functionality.

    A few words about marketing now.

    What can I say here. As in the previous similar project that we have on the monitor, in Tron2Get profit is accrued in real time and is available for withdrawal at any time. 1% per day comes out here, but this does not include additional bonuses. And there are two of them: + 0.1% to the daily profit for each day of hold, profit on the balance sheet and the same amount for every 4 million TRX coins that will be invested in the project. Well, the total payout in Tron2Get is 200% of the initial deposit. That is, the margin will be 100%

    As you can see, in essence, everything is simple here. We have already analyzed such marketing in detail, so we are sure that you know as much about it as we do.

    Of course, Tron2Get only accepts TRX coins and to work with the project you need a wallet with a fixed address or an extension like Tronlink in your browser.

    So that's all for today.

    We told you everything we know ourselves, and then, the decision rests only on your shoulders. Although, do not forget that Tron2Get is under insurance with us, so, in which case, you can hope for our help.

    And, of course, everyone is entitled to the best refback in the industry from us. For the Tron2Get project, it is up to 10% of the deposit.

    As always, Exclusive Profit is YOUR territory of profit.

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