Overview project Icar Digital
    Guys, greetings from the entire team of our monitor.

    Well, we've brought you a new project here. From the VIP section, as expected in the best traditions! So, today we will discuss what this miracle is preparing for us! We think you will like it.

    Therefore, we do not hesitate and proceed.

    If anyone does not understand, then we will talk about the Icar Digital project, which was added to our monitor on December 16. It is worth noting that the start of its work was given a little earlier, namely on November 29, so that Icar Digital, although a newcomer, is no longer just from the factory. Consider half a month already worked.

    And according to legend, here we have a rare case when neither cryptocurrency nor the Forex market has anything to do with it! Icar Digital is developing car sharing across the globe. Who does not know - this is a car rental. Here you have arrived in another country and want to ride on their autobahns! Take the car and drive to your health.

    Well, then there is a lot of information about why exactly they deserve our investment, why they need all this and why they are willing to pay us money. Well, you know, you can't do without it. Basically, that's all. We don't think it's worth continuing.

    Although, before moving on to marketing, it is still worth mentioning the Icar Digital website.

    Not because there is something special, but because it just so happened. You can keep silent about a lot, but you need to say about the site. After all, the face of the project, after all. And here it is quite pleasant. Not exactly Apollo, but not the hunchback and Notre Dame. Merits: nice, high-quality design, licensed script, good hosting and SSL certificate, of course.

    And now, finally, marketing!

    Icar Digital has a total of eight fares named after car brands. So, each of these plans will bring a lifetime profit in the amount of 3% to 10% per day. With all this, the minimum deposit amount is only $ 20. Well, it's clear that with such a deposit, only 3% can be counted on. To get more, of course, you need to invest completely different amounts.

    In payment systems, everything is traditional! Perfect Money, Bitcon, Ethereum, Litecoin and Dogecoin. I would like to inform you that the payments here are instant, but not this time. The admin set up a manual processing method with a time limit of 72 hours. But this is the deadline and in reality everything is happening much faster.

    So, what else to tell you then.

    Well, of course, you can make money here not only on investing, but also on the referral program. She, by the way, is quite generous - as much as 10% of the contribution of partners.

    Although, it depends on how you look at it. You know that there are no better offers than from Exclusive Profit in the whole network!

    So, only with us and only for you, a special refback in the amount of up to 31% of the deposit!

    Because Exclusive Profit is YOUR territory of profit.

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