Overview project "BotTrade"
    Hello everyone!

    Before we had time to say goodbye, we are again glad to welcome you all to our website in the reviews section! And our next meeting will be devoted to another brand new VIP project that decided to win your hearts ... well, wallets, of course.

    Meet - Bomex.

    Perhaps you have already seen this project on the Internet and, perhaps, even looked at it closer. It's hard to walk past this wonderful ninja that flaunts on the main page of the site. On the whole, the project was prepared beautifully and immediately attracts attention. The technique is also in order, so let's not waste time on this.

    We will not be particularly distracted by the legend either. As much as one would like, but she is not connected with the mysterious order of ninja warriors. Everything up to the trivial simple, Bomex is about making it easier for ordinary people to access financial trading, reducing it to a simple transfer of money into trust! Somehow like this!

    Okay, let's get serious now.

    In Bomex marketing, we are offered a choice of eight tariff plans with a lifetime daily profit. And you can earn up to 35% per day here! It sounds great, of course, but only in words. But in fact, I don’t want to charge above the first tariff. Although, there, too, the size of the profit is not small, still 10%. The contribution amounts for the rest of the tariffs already start from three zeros, so we will omit them in this review.

    In order to invest in Bomex, you need to have money for Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin or Bitcoin Cash. Now - good news, payments are instant here, so you won't have to wait long.

    You can earn a little extra money on the affiliate program! For those who will invite new users to Bomex, a reward of 5% from the first and 1% from the second level is provided. Well, not so much, although considering the marketing, it probably isn't worth more!

    So, look at what we end up with.

    Projects of this type are very interesting in terms of earning money. After all, having invested here once, you catch a profit while the admin is pulling the project. The question is how much he can do it. Successful guys gave 200%, 400% and even about 700% profit. It is not known how it will be here! Let us hope for the best! But remember the risks too!

    It is also worth remembering that we pay the best refback! And for Bomex, no exceptions were made!

    We are ready to return you up to 34% of the deposit in the form of a refback! You deserve it.

    As always, Exclusive Profit is YOUR territory of profit!

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