Overview project Stoqman
    Hi guys!

    Well, finally, we are together again! And what a reason - a new interesting project in the VIP section! And even with insurance! So, let's not beat around the bush and get straight to the point!

    And today we will acquaint you with the Stoqman project!

    To begin with, let's say that it has been working since April 25 and is managed by a pretty good admin who, frankly, we like. He knows how to work and always strives to show a positive result. We think that this fact, combined with the simply gorgeous execution of the project, became the reason that more than $ 65,000 in the form of deposits went into the project over these two weeks.

    As for the legend, Stoqman is introduced to us as an official company with an international team that innovates in the microfinance world. They work in Russia, Czech Republic, Poland, Spain and even Kazakhstan! In fact, we are being offered to join their business and, through the Stoqman website, issue micro loans at good interest rates, of course!

    How to make money with Stoqman?

    Here we have a couple of options available: the first, as we said, is microcredit. Just go to the exchange, choose the application that suits you and issue a loan. True, it should be borne in mind that each application has a fixed amount and if it is for $ 100, then a partial loan will not work. The entire amount will be needed. Earnings for each loan will also be different, so look at the table and choose what you like!

    The second method is investing in small businesses. Here you can already play with the different sizes of the depot and the duration of its work. In terms of income, you can have from 0.8% to 1.1% per day, but charges are made in equal parts every six days. The terms of the deposit are 12, 18 and 24 days, respectively.

    Well, the third type is investing in the development of the company! In fact, you give money to Stoqman himself and for this you get a profit from its net proceeds. All payments are here at the end of the term, the size of the profit is from 1.5% to 1.9% per day + you get a profit from the total turnover of the company. For more details, see the plate, everything is painted there!

    For the convenience of investors, all settlements in Stoqman are made in cryptocurrency and, importantly, without conversion! Invest in BTC, ETH, LTC, Dogecoin, XRP, TRX and USDT! Choose what your heart desires! And by the way, it's nice that USDT is not only on ERC, but also on TRC and Omni. We will not go broke on the commission!

    In general, that's all, perhaps!

    We will discuss Stoqman in more detail on our weekly stream, but for now, according to tradition, we inform you that the best conditions are for you!

    The highest refback and total insurance fund in the industry! So, with us, earnings are always greater and safer!

    Because Exclusive Profit is YOUR territory of profit!

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