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    With you, Exclusive Profit, which means it's time to get acquainted with another newcomer of our monitor, who has come to conquer your hearts and wallets. And today we will talk about the Rcoin project, which since the 30th has taken one of the places in the VIP Listing section.

    What is Rcoin?

    To this question, the admins give us the following answer: “Rcoin is a new payment currency for the online gaming industry, which is now impossible to get anywhere except to win or make money in the project itself. In the future, this coin will solve the problems of mutual settlements among players, and now it is just an excellent tool for earning money."

    In fact, there is a lot of information on the project's website and everyone can study Rcoin on their own. Now, for your convenience, we provide a brief summary of the project.

    How to make money on Rcoin, you ask?

    The main method of making a profit is mutual staking of coins. You buy Rcoin, keep it on your balance sheet and for this you receive from 20% to 32% profit per month. The profit is accrued in the project's coins, which are automatically converted when withdrawing to USDT. In addition, in the Rcoin algorithm itself, the growth of the coin rate up to 10% every month is incorporated, which gives additional benefits.

    It is also worth noting that today not all packages have been introduced and Rcoin has a lot to develop. In the most extreme package for today, the yield is already at 39% and, perhaps, this is not the limit!

    The project accepts investments through Bitcoin and USDT. There are a couple of options for withdrawal: you can choose how long the payment will take. It can be two days, or it can be 1 second. It's all about the commission that you are willing to pay. If you do not rush and wait 48 hours, it is zero, for 24 hours we pay 2.5%, but instant as much as 5% of the withdrawal amount.

    Apparently, Rcoin admins place big bets on large structures, as their affiliate program directly screams about it. Everything is designed for leaders and not small ones, but those who lead the crowd behind them. No, well, small and medium-sized ones can also earn money, but for sharks this is a paradise.

    In general, guys, something like that.

    The topic is extensive and it won't work to squeeze it into one review. We have told you the basics, and we will discuss all the other points in the chat.

    So, if you are interested in Rcoin, we are waiting for you there.

    Exclusive Profit - YOUR territory of profit.

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