Overview Boxify
    Hello to you, our dear man!

    Recently, a small castling took place on our monitor - we moved the Boxify project to the VIP section and now we invite you to take a closer look at this investment fund in order to understand all the nuances of its work.

    So let's get started.

    It is worth noting that Boxify has been under our close scrutiny since October 14, since it was on that day that it was added to us for monitoring. Well, the start of the project was on September 27, so, at the time of writing this review, Boxify worked for 33 days and during this time managed to go full circle, bringing the first investors from 30% of net profit.

    According to legend, this investment fund, we quote: “is an intermediary between the investor and auctions for the sale of confiscated consumer electronics at a discount. Boxify has a number of partners whose electronics offerings are 40-60% better than retail prices." That is, in fact, they sell confiscated things and keep a piece of profit for their services. This is where you and I are offered to make money.

    Here's how to make money here.

    All tariffs in the project are presented in the form of lots with a fixed cost of goods. You can buy multiple lots at once if available. Next, you need to choose an investment option: it can be the Daily plan with a profit rate of 1% in 24 hours, or Maximal with the payment of the body of the deposit with a net income of 45% at the end of the term. In both cases, the term of the deposit will be 30 days. The only difference is in the amount and procedure for calculating profit.

    Also pay attention to the fact that Boxify has a discount for active project participants - these are discount cards for buying lots. To get them, you need to achieve a certain turnover of funds in the project. You can find more detailed information in the "Platform Updates" section on the project website or in your personal account after registration.

    Today, the Boxify project accepts such payment systems as Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether, Tron, and Binance Coin. What is important is the availability of instant payments! After all, it is always nice to have money in your wallet right away, and not to wait, biting your elbows from impatience, for the long-awaited payment.

    In principle, this is where our review ends.

    Of course, there is still an opportunity to make money on the project's affiliate program, but this is already information, mostly for a narrow circle of people who know how to trade in this business. Everything is on the site and everything is presented in a simple and accessible language. If you don’t figure it out, write to us - we will help!

    And if you want to earn even more with Boxify, do not forget to order a refback from our HYIP monitor. We will significantly increase your profit from working with the project.

    Because Exclusive Profit is YOUR territory of profit.

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