Overview project DollarBill
    Hi guys!

    We haven't met for a long time and there are reasons for this. The HYIP industry is gradually plunging into the Christmas-New Year period and not so many projects are born. But today, finally, we have a new VIP project!

    So let's celebrate this case with another detailed review!

    So, our newcomer, the DollarBill project, apparently began its work back in 2015 and until November 2021 quietly partisaned on the outskirts of the HYIP industry. Then, on November 11, a redesign was made and DollarBill appeared in front of us in a new guise, with new tariffs and investment conditions.

    To be honest, friends, we cannot fail to note a certain similarity, both in design and in the history of the development of the project with our old friend admin. We are sure you understand who we are. True, which is not typical, here the project was added through the form. And that admin preferred to write in a personal message and knock out additional bonuses for himself. So - one of two things: either there is a copycat, or someone decided this time not to advertise their identity.

    Actually, there is a certain similarity in marketing.

    In total, we have as many as 17 tariff plans with various investment conditions. There are tariffs with daily profit and after-plans and tariffs with body return, and plans where profit drips every day, but is available for withdrawal only at the end. In general - a complete set!

    But, as always, reality shows that only the General line can be called working. And then, for the majority of investors here only the first tariff with a minimum salary of $ 10 will be affordable. This is us about the plan, where 0.5% per day for 500 working days. From the background, everything is measured in thousands.

    In general, here you can receive from 0.5% to 17.7% per day for a period of 10 to 500 working days, or from 700% to 7000% with payment in a period of 20 - 120 working days. In general, something like that, guys.

    You can invest in DollarBill through a wide range of payment systems, including Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, and Tether. On withdrawal, there will be manual processing of applications, and the time limit is set within 72 hours.

    Actually, friends, in fact, we have everything!

    Of course, it would be possible to consider all the tariffs and other conditions of DollarBill for a very long time, but we will not do this within the framework of this review. The information provided by us is sufficient to make a decision on working with the project. And we'll talk about the rest on our weekly stream.

    Oh, yes, remember that we have a maximum refback for all deposits in DollarBill. As always - she is above all other proposals.

    Because Exclusive Profit is YOUR territory of profit.

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