Exclusive-Profit bonuses

Our monitoring offers all clients to participate in the contest "Best investor".

The results are summed up every Monday, and the winner gets a bonus

Contest rules:

 • The system automatically calculates the size of each participant's Refback by login.

 • The winner is the highest value, that is, the one who made the maximum Deposit for the week.

Condition of participation:

 Make a Deposit via our referral link.   

Additional step:

Every month we sum up the results of the Refback calculation. A small bonus is received by all investors who have made a contribution during this period.

The maximum bonuses are given to the first and second places.

Advice! Early entry into the project means high chances to earn. At a late entry, the flow of money decreases, Scam comes faster than you get dividends.

We remind you that our monitoring is the fastest Refback! This gives you a better chance of making extra profit!