HYIPs on a smart contract, who are they?

Hello investor!

Today we want to surprise you!
Do you know that, despite the prevailing opinion that there is a hoax around the HYIP industry, there are some projects that are crystal clear to the investor. Just like morning dew!

Do not look like this, we are absolutely serious!

Even in HYIPs there is a place of honesty and transparency.
This island of hope is called HYIP projects on a smart contract!

In short, without going into details, HYIP on a smart contract is one of the types of investment projects that work on the Ethereum blockchain! If you are in the subject, then you understand what it is about!

For those who do not really like crypto, we explain:
The Ethereum blockchain has such a concept as a smart contract. In fact, this is a program that executes the algorithm embedded in it! Fully automatic and without human intervention!

Of course, HYIP admins took it into service and began to use the wonderful properties of smart contracts for their own purposes! In fact, they put in the algorithm the distribution of profit that goes to the contract account (creates marketing) and, voila, HYIP is ready!

What is the plus for admins?
There is no need to create an expensive website and constantly ensure its performance, protect it from DDoS, and so on. It is enough to do something like a landing page, where you briefly indicate the key points and that's it - you can go into battle!

Also, the admin does not need to constantly make payments, configure the script, etc. All this is done by the contract itself, even the commission relying on the administrator immediately transfers to his wallet.

For investors, there is also one plus!
But what ... not even a plus, but FATY SPLITTER!
Transparency of information!

At any time, you can check how much money is in the box office of the project and, based on this, decide whether to deposit or go by!

Also, if a smart contract has been audited and the administrator refuses ownership, there is100% confidence that he will not be able to take away investor money!

Here we explain a little:
• Audit – analyzes a smart contract for holes and vulnerabilities with which you can steal money. Conducted by a third-party organization that presents a conclusion on the reliability of a smart contract;

• Disclaimer of ownership – HYIP mandatory attribute on a smart contract! It is indicated in the auditor's report and means that the administrator has refused to own a smart contract and now cannot make changes to it.
Only the presence of these two factors makes it possible to consider any HYIP on a smart contract reliable!

Be sure, when working with such projects, first of all, it is worth checking the presence of audit and refusal of ownership! Otherwise, your money, investor, can sail away on a long voyage, as in any ordinary HYIP.

HYIP on a smart contract is a rarity these days!
But, if you suddenly find one and want to depone, be sure to re-read our article!

If HYIP on the smart contract is smart and meets all the requirements, then everyone will be happy! Both you and the admin!

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