Basic investment rules

Hello investor!

We will continue our communication with you about working with HYIP projects! You have already learned a lot about who they are, how they work, and what they really are. And now it's time to introduce you to the basic rules of online investment, which will help you to be on top and not lose everything, to the last penny.

Investing is always a risk!
And investments in HYIP projects are doubly risky!

So, if someone with foam at the mouth claims that it’s absolutely safe to deposit in a HYIP, you can safely send it to the forest. It doesn’t happen! Even if the investment project has all the documentation, there are offices in various cities, employees, etc. - HYIP is HYIP. We can give you many examples when “real companies” were blown away, leaving everyone with a bare ass! The task of the administrator and his henchmen is to convince you that everything is safe! Your task is not to believe it.

Invest only money whose loss you can survive!

The Internet is full of heartbreaking stories about how people deprived of their last salary, advance payment, child allowance, retirement and so on. And why? Because they wanted easy money and did not comply with our first rule - do not trust the admins! Because, if you start from it, it will be extremely clear that betting all your money on the line is the last thing when playing HYIP. Although no, there is a deeper bottom - take a loan and deposit it in HYIP. NEVER DO THIS! Invest only the amount, the loss of which will not affect your well-being. Highlight your part and play exclusively with it! So I didn’t have to switch to the doshik later.

Keep eggs in separate baskets!

It's not about raising chickens now ... it's such a metaphor. Its essence is that it is not worth all your money to invest in one project. Distribute them into different HYIPs (thank God, we have enough of them on the monitor) this will give you a little protection in case of SCAM. The likelihood that in a moment all the projects where you deposited will be stuck is negligible! But, if you threw the whole cutlet into one project, then the risk of losing it is quite high. Diversify your portfolio and use insurance from our Monica - it will be very useful for your money.

Choose your projects wisely!

No need to put into everything that you see. Analyze the project, its plans, quality of work, reviews of other participants. Follow the forums, look at the dynamics of deposits, learn what they write on aggregators, blogs and monitors! Awareness is your main ally. denezhek.

Do not be greedy!

Sometimes one wants to depreciate tariffs like 5000% in 20 days or 20% per day for 10 days. Yes, the profit promises to be high, but will it be at all? With such plans, pulling a project is virtually impossible, so, in the pursuit of quick money, very often players are left with nothing at all. Choose, nevertheless, something more real, up to 60% of profit per month with daily accrual - that’s it!

Do not be a "sheep"!

There is such a thing - herd instinct. This is when you want to depot in the project, only because there is “everyone” and they are “everyone” happy. Here it’s worth considering. Yes, it’s cool when the majority of investors play in the project, but, on the other hand, in this situation there is no influx of new users, since they are already in this HYIP. How long will the project last without an influx of money to the cashier? The question, you understand, is open!

Well - the most important rule!
Think for yourself!

Only you are responsible for your means. Petya, Vasya, Kolya, etc., who campaigned to deprive you or gave advice on how to play, will never take responsibility for your money! You are the owner of your money and you decide how, how much and where to deposit!

Be literate, study the industry, take reasonable measures and you will be happy in the form of a stable passive income!

And we, if anything, are always there and ready to help you!

Good luck and profit to you, investor!

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