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Congratulations, you have already passed almost all stages of training and are ready to understand the main secret of the HYIP industry, which will make you richer than the rest. Yes, friend, you didn’t hear it richer and more successful than all those who do not want to spend time studying the features of HYIP investing! You are above them all and your perseverance will be rewarded!

Now we will tell you what an affiliate program and refbek is!
In general, look. You already know that HYIP is a type of financial pyramid scheme, where profits are paid to participants from new deposits. And, of course, the project administrator needs to ensure a constant flow of contributions so that his brainchild lasts as long as possible. And how to do it? Of course, get users to invite new members. Everything seems to be simple, but, as practice shows, an extremely small part of people are ready to inform their friends about the possibility of quick money. I think this is due to the fact that in human nature there is a desire to be higher than others ... well, that's right, guesses.

What is the admin to do in this case?
How to motivate users to be active and invite people?
The answer also lies in human psychology –

pay them!
For this, an affiliate program was invented. Well, no matter how HYIP administrators it was invented. She existed long before that. The same MLM structures have long been gaining “adherents” according to this scheme. Well, not the point.

In general, the affiliate program in HYIP allows the user to receive additional benefit from the fact that he will invite another person to the project and he will make a deposit. Bonuses for such activities can be completely different: cash rewards, bonus deposits to the invitee, an increase in profit when a certain turnover of the structure is reached, etc.

In this whole scheme you need to know only two concepts:
1. referrer – the person who invited another user to the project

2. referral – the one who registered in the project through a unique referrer link.

The most common version of the affiliate program is the payment of remuneration for a referral deposit. That is, the project has a fixed percentage of profit for the referrer. This can be a reward both from one line, that is, from those whom the referrer invited personally, and from several levels (multi-level referral).

Consider a simple example: an affiliate program in a project consists of three levels with a reward 5% - 3% - 1%:
After registering, Andrei invited Tolya. Tolya for Andrei is a referral in the first line and for his deposit Andrei will receive 5%;
Tolya invited Dima. It turns out that for Tolya Dima the referral is in the first line, and for Andrey the referral is of the second level. If Dima makes a contribution, Tolya will receive 5% of his deposit, and Andrey will additionally receive his 3%;
if Dima invites, for example, Sveta and she makes a contribution, then Dima will receive 5%, Tolya 3% (the same as Sveta is a second level referral for him) and Andrey 1%.

You see, all ingenious is simple. Everyone can receive money for inviting new investors into the project. In addition, a multi-level affiliate program motivates all participants in the system to develop their structures. Andrey will motivate Tolya to look for new referrals, as he is interested in increasing his earnings, Tolya will drive Dima and so on. After all, everyone in the HYIP industry has one goal. – Money. Who better than you to know!

And what to do if, well, it’s directly not yours to invite other people into the project. But I still want to get more money.

There is an exit – it's a refback!

Refbek, aka RCB, aka refka, aka RCB – return by the referrer (who you already know who it is) of affiliate program remuneration to your referral. That is, when your referrer is “normal type”, then he gives you a small pullback for your trust. Well, here you have deposited $ 100, your upline has received a reward of 5 USD for you and he will return this money to you, so that your heart feels warmer.

It would seem that for an attraction of unprecedented generosity?
Nope, it's true.
The bottom line is that large referrals (those who bring a lot of referrals) are in any case a plus. They open new levels, receive bonuses from the administrator, etc. Well, yes, no one is offended in this scheme: you also receive money in addition to what HYIP pays. Here we have a mutually beneficial symbiosis of referrals and referrers.

Indisputable advantages of refback:
You always get more money than those participants who do not know about its existence..

Your money is quickly beaten off and for you breakeven in the project is achieved earlier than the rest.
As an example: the project pays 20% per day for 6 days. In this scenario, your deposit will go to zero on the 5th day of the deposit. If you get a 20% refback, you can already sleep peacefully on the 4th day. And the total profit will not be 20%, but 40%. refka is a cool tool!

Got the point? She is simple:
Refka is a cool tool!

So, of course, thatcompetent investors are always looking for monitors and referrers, which give maximum refbek.
And today you are right at the address!

Look, we are not working out, but it so happened historically that we decided to give our referrals the maximum refback in the HYIP industry. We think our partners deserve the best! And if you are among them, be sure you will like our refka! All for you investor, all for you!

Because Exclusive Profit is YOUR profit territory!

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