Where to dig "dirt" on HYIP?

Brooo, hello!

In short, we thought here ... here you are monitoring the project for any reason before you drop it into it? You look there forums, aggregators, re-read reviews and more. Well, we decided to share with you a tool that we ourselves use in work.
HYIPLogs called.

What are you saying? Don’t teach dad f**k?
Stop, don't be selfish)
You then, of course, know everything about it, but there are also beginners who will find this info useful. Yes, and you, Bro, will not be amiss to refresh your knowledge. And then, what if we open something new for you?
It means that HYIPLogs is such an aggregator that collects information about each HYIP project that appears on the Internet. Something like FSBeshnik, only virtual.

When HYIP gets on this aggregator, all the "compromising evidence" available on it is automatically pulled over it. The forums, monitors, blogs that took it, the site’s execution technique, etc.

And you, Bro, no longer need to climb around an honest “tyrnet”, collecting bits of information here and there! Everything is already gathered in one place on HYIPLogs!

Look, to find out about the project, just enter its domain or name in the search bar and voila - everything is in full view!

Launch date, project evaluation, statuses on monitors, marketing, technical details of the site, history of status changes, a link to project topics on forums, HYIP reviews on various blogs, deposit and payment statistics, user reviews .... in short, Bro, everything in the world.

You went in like that and see: yeah, the admin of the norms invested, using the buzzer technique, Monica took the TOP ones, he scribbled not on the stratum, but smoothly buys advertising, positive reviews, the deposit status goes without drawdowns - you can deposit. Well, or it’s all deplorable and I’ll pass away from sin far away ... or rather from a stupid cash collection.

Yes, surely, you can also check which of the monics gives the most TOP refk on this project!Although, what is there to check, of course, we, Bro, are your favorite Exclusive Profit!!!

In short, there are still all sorts of chips, charts, graphs and analytical tools. I'm sorry, we won’t write about everything. Not enough paper, or rather, the space on our monitor for the article. Well, you understand.

There are a couple of interesting tabs, Bro, that relate to the entire industry.
The first is All TOPs. Here are placed the most-TOP projects in terms of the number of depots, the size of payments, TOP news, the most stable projects, etc. If you are looking for where to attach your babalshiko, a look in this section will help.

And the second trick is HYIP industry statistics in general. Here you can understand what mood the market is in today. Is it worth it to go into projects or is it better to wait. There is even a graph of the ratio of new HYIPs to the movers. Useful stuff.

In short, Bro, we are all for what! «Who owns the information, owns the world» - old Nathan Rothschild used to say, we think you already heard that name.

And we rephrase a little:
«Who owns the information, that lord of profit» *

In this, Bro, HYIPLogs will help you!

See you later, Bro! And may the profit god be with U!

*all intellectual property rights to the phrase “Who owns the information, the lord of profit” belong to the Exclusive Profit monitor and its partners, that is, you, boys and girls))))
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