Overview project "Gissis"
    Greetings Bro!

    Well, continue to make money or are you already tired? We think not! Who will refuse the sweet feeling that you experience with a successful investment, which has already reached a profit and the money is steadily transferred to your wallet. Oh, beauty, isnt so?

    Well, in order to experience this thrill in the soul, you need, of course, to invest. And we have already brought a possible contender for your deposit.

    Let's watch bro!

    We are talking about the Gissis project, which appeared last night in the VIP listing of our monitor with you. Despite the fact that he came to us only yesterday, Gissis has been working since the end of October 2019. As the administrator tells us on the pages of the site, the Gissis fund is nothing more than a holding that owns shares and controlling stakes in various companies and startups. There is a couple of words on the project website about the Forex market, as well as cryptocurrencies, which is quite expected. Well, Bro, as the admin says, the way it is, especially since he backs up his words with a certificate of official registration)).

    About the site.

    On the site, investor, everything is pretty good. Well, maybe the design is a little simple, but that does not negate the fact that the designer did it. Well, in other respects, everything is fine, Bro! Hosting from Hetzner, a script with a license from H-Script and greenbar from Geo Trust. You know, all this is not cheap.

    Now it's time to talk about money!

    Look, Bro, there are seven tariff plans in Gissis. They are united by the accrual of profit on working days and the return of the deposit body at the end of its term. Separately, we can highlight the Gold and Platinum tariff plans. In them, bro, deposit and profit are paid at the end of the investment period. Well, they are not very interesting to us, but if you decide to invest there, it is better to think a hundred times.

    From experience, we can say that for the vast majority of investors, Bro, the first two tariffs will be most interesting, perhaps someone will dare on the third ...

    Well, the daily profit indicators for these plans are as follows: 1.4% for the first, 1.79% for the second and 2.3% for the third tariff. Once again, we remind you, investor, the accrual of profit here takes place only on business days, do not forget this.

    Payment systems and bonuses!

    If everything suits you, and you have already thought about a deposit in Gissis, we want to clarify information about payment systems. Look, Bro, there is Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Monero, Dash, Dogecoin and Bitcoin Cash. Impressive such a set. Well, payments, Bro, in Gissis are made manually. The administrator allocates the maximum time for processing the application in 72 hours, but in reality, everything happens much faster.

    Also, Bro, the project has an internal currency G-Points. It does not have any real value, but it serves as a semblance of points, accumulating which you can increase your level in the project and get a deposit bonus, additional remuneration for the affiliate program, and so on. How to earn these points, Bro, you can read on the project website. There are a lot of methods for this.

    The sweetest and most beloved part of you - refback from Exclusive Profit.

    Look, investor, the Gissis fund pays a commission on three levels of referrals. 4.2% in the first, 1.7% in the second and 0.7% in the third levels. This is information for you, if suddenly you decided to attract referrals. We don’t know what your plan is in your head.

    And if you decided to just invest in Gissis through us, then, as a thank you for your trust, we are ready to provide a refback up to 15.5% of your contribution. Today, our offer is the best! We tried for you, Bro!

    What are you saying? You already gone to see what's on yur wallets to invest. Well, good, investor, do not distract! But, if anything, you know where to find us! Come to our chat room and share your impressions of Gissis.

    Till the next time, Bro!

    Exclusive Profit is your profit territory! Well, you know it, Bro!

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