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We value your time spent on our resources, so why not combine business with pleasure !? Now, talking, discussing projects, laying out screenshots with payments, you can not only have a good time, but also make good money!

We pay for the activity of our users at the rates below:
0.03$Comment in our group Facebook
0.03$Repost our group’s post in Facebook
0.03$Comment in our group VK
0.03$Repost post of our group VK
0.03$Comment in Twitter
0.03$Retweet our post in Twitter
0.05$Comment on our Youtube channel
0.1$Subscribe to Telegram channel
0.1$Bring your friends to the telegram chat and channel, get for each 0.1$
0.03$Post in our forum thread ONIC
0.03$Post in our forum thread MMGP
0.03$Post in any of our topics on monitoring
1 - Comments on social networks will be paid only in fresh topics created no later than two weeks on the date of writing the comment.

2 - Comments written in the subject of the project after the announcement of his scam are not paid.

3 - Posts with payments from projects are paid only if you invested in this project by our referral, discussion of projects without restrictions.

Posting and reposts are paid only if you invest in at least one active project on our monitoring and at the same time are our referral.

We also pay for activity in the themes of projects on some third-party resources (provided that you invested in this project through our reflink) :
---Comment on HyipLogs.com
---Comment on InvestorsStartPage.com
0.01$Comment on Onlineinvestments.club
---Comment on Hyip-Zanoza.me
To receive a bonus, send a report to the mail social@exclusive-profit.com about this kind:
1. Your username on the monitor
2. The project and login in it, in which you invested through our reflink
3. Login to social networks (where they were active)
4. The number, type and name of the resource on which they activated
5. Your Perfect Money Wallet Number
6. Total payable
For clarity, we give an example of a completed report:
1. Akademik
2. Project FOREX BROKERS login Investor
3.VK login Sergey Ivanov
Facebook login Serhei Ivanov
Forum ONIC login Akademik
4.ONIC (in monitoring topic) -10 comments
Facebook – 10 comments, 5 reposts
VK – 10 comments, 5 reposts
5. U2152548
6. Amount to be paid 2.1$

Payments from projects with an hourly plan, you can post no more than 2 times in 24 hours!

Bonus payments are made on Saturday and Sunday, the report must be submitted in advance no later than Sunday, for activity in the reporting period (reports for comments and reposts created “once there, maybe a month ago” are not accepted for payment), only for the past week.

PROHIBITED: Negative comments, flood, mate, flame, links not related to the topic of our monitoring, insults, advertising of other projects, blogs, monitoring, personal correspondence, etc., for violation of the rules, the administration has the right to apply sanctions to such a user at its discretion

Bonus Top Commenter
The user who leaves the most comments for the week in all our topics and social networks is awarded $ 20, which the winner must invest in any project on our referral posted on our monitoring. Twice in a row, the same user cannot be a winner. The winner must write about receiving the bonus and investing in our telegram chat.

Now, there are even more ways to earn with monitoring exclusive-profit.com and for this you don’t have to invest at all, just show a little creativity and spend a little of your free time!

So what do we offer !?
You can choose any hype project (for example, investorsstartpage.com), which is not on our monitoring and write to the administrator an offer of cooperation with our monitoring in any free form, and then wait for the response (response to your offer) from the support of the project, its admin or any of its representatives, and it doesn’t matter what answer it will be, then take a screenshot of your correspondence, where the name of the project will be visible and send this screenshot (preferably as a link) to our e-mail marked “PR bonus” social @ exclusive- profit.com indicating your performance wallet to pay a reward.

For each such screenshot, we will pay 0.1$

Screenshot example: https://exclusive-profit.com/images/fab2b543ba49.png

Important: you can communicate with admins using any of the methods indicated on their website, the main thing is to get a response from them (answer).

Projects must be different, you can get payment for a screenshot from each project only once.

The action is currently unlimited, we will inform you about its completion.

For all questions of the action you can write in telegrams @Ballez or by mail social@exclusive-profit.com

Good luck and profit to all!

Bonus Application:

LoginNumber of commentsNumber of reposts
comments in our
topic on ONIC:
comments in the topic
projects on ONIC:
Telegram login:
Your email:
Purse PerfectMoney:
In the note, indicate your username in the project where you invested from monitoring and, if necessary, various explanations.

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