Overview project Zik Trade
    Hello our dear friend.

    Less than a day has passed, and we are with you again! Well, and, as you know, not alone. One verse said "Tamara and I walk in pairs"! And our couple is not Tamara, but a brand new investment project, which, however, can also give you pleasure of a different nature. This is us about the heady taste of money...

    So, let's not hesitate and let's start!

    Today we will talk about a brand new investment fund from the VIP section called ZIK Trade. In general, what can I say, this project began its work quite recently, namely on November 22. As you understand, ZIK Trade is still quite a baby and it is worth remembering that entering the project at the very start significantly increases the chances of making a profit.

    So, the admin of ZIK Trade says that behind the shell of their website is a team with 20 years of experience in financial markets. Since the advent of cryptocurrencies, most of the attention has been shifted to this direction, and now their professional company easily receives a profit, which, of course, they are ready to share with all their partners. By the way, the site has a certificate of official registration, so the admin took care of providing the legend with facts.

    Now about the site.

    What can I say here. I would not like to be boring, but somehow everything is mediocre. Yes, no doubt, there are no obvious flaws here. And the script is licensed and unique design and SSL with normal hosting ... But somehow everything faded ... inexpressive. We are not nagging, we just voiced our opinion. In any case, the main thing is the mood of the admins!

    But marketing pleases!

    There are few investment packages, the terms of the investment in them are short, and the limits are more or less affordable. So look in detail now. There are three plans in total: 1.5% daily for 10 days, 2% daily for 20 days and 2.5% profit for a period of 30 days. The initial deposit amounts are $ 10, $ 501 and $ 2001, respectively. Well, of course, few people will go to the third tariff, but the first two are quite affordable.

    Here you just need to figure out how best to play, taking into account the fact that in addition we pay up to 31% of your contribution in the form of a refback. Well, we leave the choice of strategy to you and move on.

    And then we have payments and withdrawals!

    At ZIK Trade, the admin did not spoil us with an instant and introduced a manual method for processing payment requests! Moreover, with a schedule of up to 72 working hours. This, of course, is a bit long, but, in reality, he pays many times faster. Well, why the deadline is exactly this, we ourselves perfectly understand.

    From payment systems, we have here only Perfect Money and Bitcoin. Modestly, but what to do! We have what we have!

    That's all investor about ZIK Trade for today.

    You understand, the project is new and you need to take a closer look! But it is also impossible to delay it so as not to miss the moment. In any case, you can start with small amounts, and then, as the situation develops, make decisions.

    So, success and only earnings on your way!

    And if you want to clarify something - always write to us! We will show, tell, help!

    Exclusive Profit is YOUR territory of profit.

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