Overview project Tradexpert
    Hi guys!

    Today we will finally get down to business - we will consider one project that came to our monitor in the VIP section. It is noteworthy that he started his work just from our monitor, so you guys will be in the forefront!

    Well, let's get started!

    So, today we will talk about the Trader Expert project. As we said, the project started its work quite recently, namely on September 12th. According to the legend, Trade Expert is a large staff of professional and experienced traders trading cryptocurrency assets and showing positive growth dynamics. The best and proven professionals analyze the situation on the markets every day and build a trading strategy. Well, in general it is clear.

    There are no special complaints about the preparation here. The site worked well, worked out a lot of functions to protect the account, and so on. Everything is fine with the technology, in general. Perhaps the texts should be rewritten a little to make some aspects of marketing more understandable. However, this is not a problem for you, since there is our review.

    So, let's go through marketing.

    It appears as follows: in Trader Expert there are only three tariff plans: 5% per month with a deposit term of 90 days, 6% with a term of 180 days and 7% per month with a term of 360 days.

    Everything seems to be clear. But, there are a couple of nuances. Look, the first point is the package activation fee, which is 15, 30 and 50 dollars, respectively, with the tariff. That is, if you want to invest $150 in the first tariff, then you need to replenish your account with $165: 150 for the deposit and 15 for paying the commission. In other plans by analogy.

    Secondly, in Trader Expert, your deposit can be withdrawn ahead of schedule, but with the payment of a commission in the amount of 20% of its face value. Such a function, although it gives some freedom, is meaningless, up to 3 months of the deposit. We are talking about this taking into account the refback.

    And the third point is the Trader Expert affiliate program. Here you will receive a fixed commission for the activation of tariff packages by your referrals. The amount of remuneration is equal to the cost of activating the package. Remember the $15, $30, and $50 we talked about above. In addition, as the number of referrals increases, your percentage of profit from the work of tariff plans will increase. We will talk more about this on our weekly stream, as the topic is quite extensive.

    And so something in principle all.

    Of the payments in Trader Expert, only Tether TRC-20, manual payments with a time limit of 2 hours to 7 days and the minimum payout is $10.

    Well, the best refback from us! However, it's the same as always.

    Because Exclusive Profit is YOUR profit territory.

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