Overview project PaidReels
    Good afternoon dear friends.

    A new project with good conditions has been added to the monitoring, so without long prefaces we offer you to get acquainted with the asset.

    So, let's start studying a promising novelty.

    The Paidreels project, which has replenished our portfolio, was launched on May 20 and has already managed to make itself known on the Internet. The site is not like a typical investment project, since in addition to investments, the participant is required to be active in the form of viewing ads. The site is well designed and you really need to watch ads on it to get profit. Therefore, if you are one of those investors who are only ready to invest money and withdraw profits, then in the case of Paidreels, a full liability will not work.

    There are no complaints about the preparation of the site, everything is done at the level. The project was designed in a bright design, there are a huge number of language versions, a lot of information, and also an application for Android devices. The technical work is worthy of the best praise, if only because Paidreels has a self-written script, security software and data encryption.

    The conditions for earning money in Paidreels are very diverse.

    There are 9 plans in total, but one of them is a free demo. This is a test seven-day tariff, where you can participate once in order to learn from the inside the features of the project. As for other, more working plans, Paidreels accepts investments from $25 to $3999, depending on the tariff, will pay a profit of $1-160 per day. The period of the deposit can be from 30 to 60 days, and breakeven should be expected no earlier than 23-25 days of participation.

    I was pleased with the project with a set of payment systems, including fiat Perfect Money and Payeer, as well as a large list of cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, USDT, LTC, DOGE, Dash. Of the unpleasant moments, manual payments can be noted, and applications can only be submitted on Fridays. This is not very convenient, but for most investors it will not be a problem. The minimum request amount is $10, do not forget to take into account the commission for some payments.

    Finally, let's talk about the affiliate program, which is "an amateur" in Paidreels. The fact is that the fund pays not from the deposits of referrals, but from their income. Therefore, you don’t have to wait for generous payments, but the platform pays from 4 to 10% of regular accruals.

    At this point, let's summarize the information about Paidreels.

    We have the opportunity to work with a medium-income fund with atypical marketing. The conditions are favorable, and for those who are afraid of risks, there is a trial demo tariff.

    Finally, we note that by investing through our link, you will be able to claim protection with a $500 fund - earn with Exclusive Profit on the best terms!

    Because Exclusive Profit is YOUR profit territory.

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