What is a loopback?

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Today we want to talk with you on the topic “what is a loopback in a HYIP project?”, Why is it needed, how does it work and why do many investors choose this strategy when working in a HYIP project.

Start day, let's define the concept "loopback"!
This is such an investment method, the purpose of which is to create a chain of deposits, with a certain frequency, to reach the maximum percentage of profit with a significant reduction in risks.

If you think that this strategy is applicable for all HYIPs and will allow you to work safely with any project, then sooner you rejoice! The fact is that the loopback should only be used if there is some certainty that the project will go through at least two or three circles. Otherwise, you again risk losing your hard-earned money.

For this strategy, projects with an average term of deposit and daily profit accrual are most suitable. Although, you can try to work on tariffs with the payment of body and profit at the end of the term. Well, let's talk about everything in more detail.
As a first example, we take the case when the project pays 1% of profit per day, the term of the deposit is 30 days. Having $ 1,000 in hand, with a one-time investment in 30 days, you will receive $ 300 of net profit and return your deposit.

If you will reinvest the profit every 10 days, then on the 31st day you will take the body of your contribution + 30 dollars of net profit from the project, and only your profit will remain in HYIP, which you yourself can risk. In any case, you are already thirty plus and do not risk anything! The money remaining in the project can work indefinitely (well, while HYIP itself lives) and bring a stable profit! Then you can work according to the same scheme (reinvest three times a month, and withdraw profit) or gradually take part of your contribution out of work.

Thus, you will constantly increase the amount of funds in the project and at the same time not risk your own money. This method is especially good if the project allows the conclusion of the contribution body at any moment of time!

We consider the second application of the loopback at rates with the return of the deposit body and the profit at the end of the term!
Let's say you have 350 dollars and you want to deposit them at a 110% tariff in 7 days! You can certainly throw them right away, no one is against it! But, you can divide into 7 deposits of $ 50 and make them throughout the week!
As a result, starting from the eighth day, you will receive $ 50 + 10% profit on them every day. In fact, the size of your profit will not decrease a bit, but, in the case of a project scam, your net loss will be only that part that remains on payment, and not all $ 350!

And if the project also has instant or he pays upline for your reinvests - then refka will raise earnings to unprecedented heights!

What conclusions should be drawn from this information? Look, investor, loopback is a cool tool for passive earnings and minimizing risks. It is this strategy that allows you to adjust the payments for yourself, adjust their size and frequency. But, there are some difficulties ..
First of all - this strategy involves a game on large amounts of funds. No matter how much I would like, a dozen bucks are unlikely to loop back!

The second point is certain difficulties in implementation. It will be necessary to seriously prepare, calculate all the options, draw up a table and adhere to a clear plan. Nobody said it was easy!

Well, perhaps the hardest thing for a beginner is Time!
With this strategy, do not expect quick profits! It’s worth it to be patient and only then will your efforts pay off with interest!

Good luck investor! We believe in you!

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