Overview project Bit Plam
    Hi guys!

    We think you already know that one of our favorite amines decided to take revenge and came back to our monitor. This time, he introduced measures that should protect the project from hitandrun and return it to the glory of the best of the best.

    So, welcome - Bit Plam.

    In this review, we will try to move away from the established principles and give you only useful concise information, avoiding the details of the legend and boring technical specifications. Why waste his time. Here everything is clear and clear.

    Well, everyone is familiar with this for a long time. His projects brought us a lot of money and everyone was just surprised: "how does he work that way?" With such a percentage, but with such plans!

    But, the investor does not always think ahead. Sometimes the thirst for a quick profit obscures the eyes and forces the hitandrun project on refback, forgetting about reinvestment. And over time, in the projects of this admin, there were more and more such investors. So far, as expected, the collapse has not occurred. And the last project did not show the results that everyone had hoped for.

    Investors drew conclusions, and the admin drew a conclusion.

    Now in Bit Plam we have the same tariffs: 4% profit per day for 30 and 5% per day for 40 days. With the same possibility of early withdrawal of funds, but the commission for withdrawal of the deposit has a completely different structure.

    In Bit Plam, in order to prematurely withdraw your deposit before the expiration of 14 days of its work, you will have to pay 25%, and after this period already 15%. What is the calculation? We think everything is clear anyway! And yes, this is not an evil admin is building his intrigues, preventing poor hitandrun lovers from emptying the cash register on refbacks. It's just a person trying to work it out competently. We hope he succeeds.

    Now a few words about the nuances. Bit Plam accepts many cryptocurrencies, including our favorite Perfect Money. Please note that there is an automatic conversion for cryptocurrencies, so it is more profitable to deposit in dollars or stablecoins. Well, payments are processed manually with a schedule of up to 48 hours! Although, in fact, Bit Plam pays much faster.

    In fact, this is everything!

    We said what we wanted. We hope we were able to convey to you the deep essence of our message! Play wisely, respect others and you will succeed.

    Exclusive Profit was with you - YOUR territory of profit!

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