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    Good afternoon dear friends.

    We continue to acquaint you with new investment projects on our monitor. And today we will talk about a brand new fund that came to the VIP section with insurance.

    Well, let's not waste time and get started.

    Actually, today we will talk about the Quopi project, which started in February of this year. By itself, Quopi is an innovative investment fund that makes money from day trading. Notably, Quopi AI Trader was built with a custom-built GPT bot trained on 100,000 pages of trading-related content. So there is no doubt about the success of his transactions.

    About the site here we can say that everything is in order. Bright, colorful, stylish, smart, comfortable. That's all I want to say about the Quopi portal. Well, from a technical point of view, everything is fine too. Unique script, SSL certificate, reliable hosting, everything.

    Now let's talk about making money with Quopi

    Look, the project has implemented a single tariff plan with a floating income rate from 1.5% to 4% per day. That is, your profit depends on the success of the company in the financial markets and will be different every day, but within these indicators. It is also important to know that profits in Quopi are accrued only on business days, with the term of your deposit will be 30 business days.

    You can create a deposit or withdraw earned money from the project through Bitcoin, Tether, Litecoin and Binance Coin. In Quopi, we are promised instant payouts, which, of course, is very nice.

    Well, it remains, in fact, only the affiliate program for us to disassemble. In Quopi, it is one level deep, but it is designed to increase profits depending on the turnover of your structure. We start at levels of 5% of the referral's deposit, but we can get to a generous 15% deductions.

    In fact, that's all we have!

    We talked about the basic principles of Quopi, explained about marketing, and we will discuss the rest of the points on our weekly stream.

    Separately, we note that for Quopi we have insurance in the amount of $ 500 and the best referral in the industry. Invest with us and earn more than anyone.

    Because Exclusive Profit is YOUR profit territory.

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