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Sooner or later, the moment will come in your life when you think about the topic: "And then what?" It seems like there are HYIPs, cryptocurrencies, and you can make good money here. But ... damn it ... you always want something more, and more "real" or something ...
And, in general, through searches and reflections, in any case, you will come to the next fork: in order to feel “on the ground” normally, it is worth continuing to invest, or to open your own business. Well, about your personal matter - you think for yourself what you are good for, and we will continue the topic of investing, but in more familiar tools for society.

Today we will talk about stocks, precious metals, IPOs and other things that will take your income to a new level and even bring your capital out of the shadows.
In general, we think you shouldn't tell you that many people who are alien to the territory of HYIPs have long been making money by investing in shares of large companies such as Nokia, Apple, Tatneft and many others. And for the time being - it was only the lot of "buratos" as an ordinary citizen could not get access to this type of earnings due to the lack of the required amount of money. Perhaps you yourself have already dismissed the thought of investing in stocks 100 times from your bright mind with the wording: "How much money does it take to break into the stream?".
What if we tell you that even 1 ruble is enough to start playing on the stock market? How do you like Elon Max?)))

The thing is that progress does not stand still, and the financial market always needs "new blood", so now anyone can get access to it through financial brokers.

Moreover, the process is simplified to a disgrace: you register online, the package of documents is minimal, Tinkoff won in general documents for signature at the very threshold of the apartment. In general, the topic is real and interesting. Although, we admit, there are no easy ways - here, as in HYIPs, there is only loss without knowledge! Well, or you are a mega-lucky person, you go without looking and still in profit!

So, let's start with general information, and if this topic comes up, we will release more articles with more detailed instructions.

Today, the most common brokers in the CIS are«Tinkoff investments» and «Freedom Finance», let's talk about them.

First, consider "Tinkoff Investments"

A very simple and handy tool that gives you access to over 11,000 securities! Trade stocks, bonds, ETFs, currencies, invest in gold, in general, "have fun" as you can.

To register, you need to fill out a form on the website and then sign an agreement, which, as we told you, can be brought to you right home. And if you are a client of a bank, then even online you can sign everything.

After registration, you will get access to all the information on the site, which will give comprehensive answers to all your questions! Honestly, even if you hear about promotions for the first time, in a week you will be like a fish in water!
We really liked the topic here with "recommendations" and a news feed. Really makes it possible to earn light! They have such a thing "Pulse" like a blog of advanced traders. They share their experiences and post their trades! You copy them and voila - profit in your pocket! The main thing is to choose those who have made a good annual profit figure.

Another important thing is that you don't pay a dime for the service as such! Only for the conducted transactions! And the commission there is ridiculous, less than 0.5 percent. It all depends on your tariff. There you will read and figure it out!

In short, we do not advertise, but we strongly recommend Tinkoff Investments because of their simplicity and convenience!

Now about «Freedom Finance»
Well, firstly, if Tinkoff is only for the Russian Federation, then Freedom Finance already rules the CIS!

If you plan to trade on European markets, register online, and if you are on the Ukrainian market, you will have to visit the office! For other countries, everything happens online! Frankly, such a policy is a little incomprehensible, but the LAW is the law! There is nothing wrong with registering at the office, a standard set of documents - a passport, a code.

In general, "Freedom Finance" provides the same set of tools as Tinkoff, but there is oneBUT!
And this "but" is very, very serious! We're talking about IPO access! If you do not know "what kind of animal it is and what it is eaten with", then we explain the IPO - this is the same ICO, only in the real world! Not clear yet? This is an opportunity to disrupt many, many IKSOV in a short time!
In general, an IPO is an initial offer of shares of new companies on the market! Going to the IPO, the company for the first time offers to buy its securities to everyone, as a rule, at the initial, which means, the lowest price. Remember, the same topic is in the crypt, when you recoup a coin on a presale, and then catch money when it goes to the wide market. Here is the same topic with the IPO.

This is exactly the moment that proves that in the traditional market, you can also make a lot of money in a short time! From this point of view, Freedom Finance has an advantage over Tinkoff Investments! True, one ruble will no longer be enough to work with an IPO! The minimum salary here is from 2000 green! But, the topic is promising, it's a sin not to consider it!
Although, we hasten to remind you so that you do not catch euphoria and know that there are risks of losses here too! The company will not enter the market among investors, and the share price will go down. In general, you know: инвестиции – это всегда риск!

In the end, my friend, what do we want to tell you! Entering the financial market today is not a fantasy, but an objective reality available to everyone! This step will give you the opportunity not only to increase your income, but also to withdraw part of the funds into the legal field, than to ensure yourself a sound and restful sleep at night!

Today we have given you only food for thought! And if she "went" to you, write your opinion in the comments! We'll give you more details! We are not sorry!

As they say:
earned myself, let someone else earn!
That is why we have come to you!

Invest with us and get rich,
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